Branding is an essential element for any company. It’s the identity that will make a business easily recognisable throughout local and international markets and audiences. 


However, creating a successful brand isn’t a simple task. Choosing the wrong strategy can have severe consequences for the longevity and success of companies. 


How We Work Our Magic


To make things easier for you, here’s how our agency handles branding projects.


  1. Comprehensive Research

This is the starting step for all our branding projects. Once we understand the job’s scope and the client’s expectations, we pull up our sleeves and gather detailed information about the company’s current situation, industry, market, competitors, and customers. Only when we fully understand the business can we start implementing our strategies.


  1. Determine Brand Keystones

Brand keystones are determined through three vital questions:


  • Why the company exists?
  • What do you want your brand to be?
  • How does your business solve problems for its clients?


Answering these questions enables us to get closer to refining the company’s vision, mission, and purpose. Allowing us to tell its story better.


  1. Implementing E.P.I.C Framework

At D&D Marketing Agency, we use the E.P.I.C framework to draft a robust and efficient strategy based on the answers from the previous step. It helps us build a powerful brand identity that enables our clients to properly communicate their values and earn the loyalty and trust of their existing and potential customers. 


Download our E.P.I.C Brand Framework Guide here


  1. Identity Basics

At this stage, we’ll use the data collected during the previous steps to develop the key deliverables of the brand identity, such as:


  • Logo
  • Icon or graphic motif
  • Colour scheme
  • Typography (fonts)
  • Brand elements


These elements allow us to create identities that help companies distinguish themselves from their competitors. Moreover, they permit businesses to engrave specific tones, fonts, and designs into the minds of their clients and prospects, making them an easily recognisable brand. 


  1. Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are an extension of the brand’s identity. We create seasonal and occasional content to market companies and their services/products. We use a mixture of photographic and video advertisements, social media posts, and online ad campaigns to help businesses establish themselves as a reputable brand.


Be Methodical Toward Success


We follow these steps to the letter to offer clients excellent branding and marketing services. Our mission is simple – to help companies become household names known for their competence, professionalism, and quality.


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